15 Common iPhone Charging And Battery Issues Resolved with iOS7

iPhone not charging properly? Battery draining too quickly? We’re dedicated to helping people solve their cellphone battery issues and have compiled a list of the top 15 common iPhone battery problems.

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Click on the problems below to navigate quickly between the common problems.

The Complaints:

1. My iPhone usually charges without the sim card, but now it is impossible to charge the phone at all
2. The iPhone 5 charging tip gets easily disconnected when moving around.
3. After 8 hours of charging, the battery shows 93%, but after unplugging and race-plugging it shows 100%.
4. After upgrading my iPhone to iOS7, my cable won’t charge!
5. After charging the iPhone all night, the charger says “this accessory is not compatible” when I detach and then reconnect the two.
6. After upgrading to iOS7, the battery life decreased on my iPhone.
7. The battery life only becomes better after I restore my iPhone and re-download all of the apps.
8. The battery on my new iPhone 5 drains really fast.
9. How do I turn off Parallax?
10. How do I turn off auto app update?
11. How do I turn off auto background app refresh?
12. How do I turn off Airdrop?
13. My wifi and bluetooth won’t work!
14. My iMessage won’t work after I charged my phone!
15. What’s the difference between watts, volts, and amps?

The Answers:

1. My iPhone usually charges without the sim card, but now it is impossible to charge the phone at all.

chargeall-ios7-sim-card-problemFirst rule: Restart your phone. Restarting your iPhone is the top remedy for solving all types of tech problems. To do this:

-Hold the power button (located on the top of of your iPhone) for 5 seconds.

-Slide to power off

-After completely shutting down, hold the power button down again and you will be greeted with the the white apple logo

If your problem still persists, try restoring your phone. Remember to backup all of your apps, pictures, and contacts. This is a time consuming process. Make sure that you are not in a hurry to go anywhere. Chances are your problem will be solved; if not, you may have to find a replacement model. Thanks to Apple’s trade in program, you can still trade it for credit towards a new iPhone!

* Tips: There are websites that exist to take your lousy phone off of your hands- while they pay you too!  Gazelle.com will pay you $40 for a broken iPhone. If you go directly to Apple, a broken iPhone could be replaced with a completely new one for $200, which is a pretty generous offer- if you ask me. Some websites also are able to help diagnose your issue for fairly reasonable prices, such as ifixdirect.com.


2. The iPhone 5 charging tip gets easily disconnected when moving around.


It’s most likely either the contact, the wire, or the build of the cable (most likely). You can easily buy a new chord online (it’ll probably be cheaper than the shirt you’re wearing on your back right now), but if you bring your cable into the Apple store within a reasonable length of time from purchase (about 60-70 days), they’re usually happy to replace it. Talk about excellent customer service.

* Tips: If you have Apple-care on your phone, they’ll do it for two years from the date of purchase. If you are no longer under Apple’s warranty, use this opportunity to try our most portable charger.


3. After 8 hours of charging, the battery shows 93%, but after unplugging and re-plugging it shows 100%.

chargeall-ios7-charging-percentageThis may not be a software issues. Reconnect the charger to your phone and see if your charge goes up within an hour. If not, there is most likely a physical issue that is slowing down the charging process. This can range from a foreign object obstruction or corrosion on the contacts inside your phone. For example, sand clogging up the internal workings of your phone after accidentally dropping it at the beach.

* Tips: DIY. You can buy a 3rd party replacement charging port for $20 and install it yourself, which a caveman could easily do. All it takes is some screwing, unscrewing, and a couple minutes out of your precious time that I’m sure you’re willing to spare for your oh-so-precious phone.

4. After upgrading my iPhone to the latest iOS7, my cable won’t charge!


Since the latest update, all lightning cables that are not MFi certified may not charge your iPhone. If you bought a cable online and now it won’t charge, you may have to buy one that is MFi certified to avoid future headaches. Although it could be the cable’s fault, it is probably Apple’s update that locks down counterfeit cables that is the issue. Bring your iPhone with you when you buy a cable and try it as soon as you walk out the store. If you don’t want to wait until home, attach the cable to our portable charger and see if your phone chargers.

5. After charging the iPhone all night, the charger says “this accessory is not compatible” when I detach and then reconnect the two.

chargeall-ios7-not-reliableThe issue could either be:

1) The charger, and you should purchase a replacement ($10-15 3rd party)

2) The charging port, which you could also replace yourself (refer to #3)

* Tips: Try charging your phone with another charger, and if it works, buy a new charger. If it doesn’t, try try cleaning it with compressed air. Sometimes dirt can mess up the connection between the device and charging device. 


6. After upgrading to iOS7, the battery life decreased on my iPhone.

Use the standard battery saving tips for every iPhone (decrease your brightness, turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, location services when not in use, and cycle through your battery in full at least once a month).

If you prefer to keep those settings on, then there are phone accessories that cater to your needs. Try our most portable charger, to be able to stay on the go all the time!


7. The battery life only becomes better after I restore my iPhone and re-download all of the apps.

The better battery life can be more attributed to your newly revived phone, and not how you restored it. Imagine waking up from your afternoon nap and feeling like you can conquer the world. That is how your phone feels.

To learn how to restore from iOS7, click here to go to step 8 and learn how to restore your iPhone to its former glory!



8. The battery on a new iPhone 5 drains really fast.

Given the recent updates to iOS7 by Apple, it could be the auto update features that are turned on by default. Follow the steps below to turn these off and recover your battery life.

9) How do I turn off the parallax effect?


Parallax is the effect of seamless scrolling and transitions. It may look pretty, but it won’t help you get through the day on just one charge.  Just turn it off.


Go into  Settings –> General –> Accessibility –> Deselect Reduce Motion.

10) How do I turn off auto App update?chargeall-ios7-auto-app-refresh

You can manually update your apps and save battery life by doing the following to turn off auto app updates.

Go into Settings –> iTunes & App Store –> Scroll down to Automatic Downloads and deselect: Music, Apps, Updates, and Use Cellular Data

11. How do I turn off background app refresh?

Background app allows applications to refresh themselves while they are in the background. Turning this off allows your apps to refresh only when you select them.

Go into Settings –> General –> Turn off Background App.


12. How do I turn off AirDrop?

Airdrop is Apple’s newest feature that allows users to share files to other iOS users within the same wifi zone. Have no intentions of ever using it? Turn it off:

Go to Control Center –>Turn off AirDrop.

13. Why doesn’t my Wifi or Bluetooth work?

iOS7 has given users issues with their wifi and bluetooth so we recommend a restart, reset or worst case, a restore.

To Restart:

(Refer to #1)


To Reset:chargeall-ios7-reset-all-settings

You can reset all of your settings back to factory default, which means all the prior changes you’ve made prior will be gone. You will have to turn off all of the battery consuming settings mentioned above after resetting

Go to  Settings –> General –> Reset


To Restore:

This should be your last resort to fix network issues as you will have to manually re-sync your data back after a complete wipe and restore.

In iTunes, click on Summary and then Restore to convert the iPhone back into its factory settings.

14. My iMessage is stuck on the status bar!

Some users have reported issues with iMessage after upgrading to iOS7.

To fix this, go into iCloud’s settings –>Turn off Documents & Data.



15. What’s the difference between watts, volts, and amps?

You may notice some chargers and cables charge faster than others. No, it is not because one brand is better than the other. Simply, it is because of the watts, volts, and amps. Without getting too technical:

Amps x Volts = Watts

Several of our mobile devices come with proprietary 5-volt chargers. However, the speed at which your device is charged depends on the amps. Smartphones such as iPhones come with 1-amp chargers while tablets such as iPads have 2-amp chargers. To clarify, 1-amp chargers = 5W chargers and 2-amp chargers = 10W chargers. The higher the amp, the higher the charge.

Still confused? Here’s an example we have all experienced: driving in traffic.The difference between 0.5-amp, 1-amp, and 2-amp charging is similar having 1,2, and 4 lanes open while driving. 0.5-Amps is the equivalent to driving to your destination with only one lane. It’s small and slow. 1-Amp charging is the equivalent to driving with two lanes. 2-Amp charging is the equivalent to driving with 4 open lanes. With each amp increase, the charge doubles within the exact same amount of time.

To get the most out of your chargers, USB 3.0 ports must be used. USB 3.0 ports support up to 5-amps. Avoid USB 2.0 ports because they only charge 0.5 – 1 amps. Charging from your laptops USB port should be avoided unless absolutely necessary. The most efficient way of charging would be by wall outlet.

Let’s put all of the information we just learned together. Because we already know iPhone chargers are 1-amp or 5W, it would not make sense to charge an iPad with the same charger. iPad’s are larger devices which require a 2-amp or 10W charger to be the most efficient. Using a 10W charger would provide a faster charge within the same amount of time.



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6 thoughts on “15 Common iPhone Charging And Battery Issues Resolved with iOS7

  1. I’ve had my iphone 5 for a while now . I had to buy like 2 chargers now . I’ve Noticed that even with my charger plugged in the battery just goes down . Whats wrong ? Is it the battery ?

    • Hi Fabi,

      That sounds unusual, can you describe your case in more detail on your facebook page? If you provide a picture, maybe we can help you visually inspect the charger. Was it a cheap knock off charger?

      Hope Chargeall can help,
      Irvin H.

  2. Today morning when phone was off because of discharging won’t able to start charging again.

    Till Yesterday phone battery backup was good as well as charging also good but suddenly today when phone was switched off it’s not able to start charging.

    I also went to Apple store and tried to charge with original cable but bad luck it’s not started charging. So please suggest me any solution.

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