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The Universal Charging Squid with 10 cables is the perfect charging solution for businesses with little space or that don’t like the intrusiveness of a charging station. It fits perfectly on any desktop or furniture piece while providing your guests with a convenient way to charge. It has three Apple Lightning cables (iPhone 5 and newer devices), four Micro-USB cables (android devices), one Apple 30 pin (iPhone 4 and older), one Type-C (newer devices), and one USB port (to plug in any USB cable) to charge most phones and tablets on the market. It’s an easy-to-use product that’s plug-and-play right out of the box like any other phone charger.The cable itself is 6 feet long to give easier access charging.
SKU: CT-300058
Model: V10

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Also Available: 4 Cable Version



Universal Compatibility

Easily integrate it into furniture or add it to your desktop. Featuring fast charge technology, the ChargeTech V10 can charge all types of cell phones, tablets, gaming devices, digital cameras, bluetooth headsets and more!

Maximize Charging

With 10 charging tips, you can charge up to 10 different devices all at once.

Global Safety Certification

All of our units are safety certified to work in any environment from hotels and office buildings to hospitals and schools. Have peace of mind that this station will operate safely for years to come.

Dual USB Power Input

Faster phone charging and no slowing down when charging multiple products.


Weight, Dimensions, & Compatibility

Weight: 2 lbs
Length: 6 ft


USB Output: DC 5V/1.5A x 4
AC Output: AC 100-240V/3A 60 Hz



1x Wall Adapter
4x Micro USB (Non Apple Devices)
3x Apple Lightning (iPhone 5 & Newer)
1x Apple MFi 30pin (iPhone 4 and Older)
1x USB Type-C (Newer Devices)
1x Female USB outlet (any charging cable)


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